Monday, November 28, 2011

Rosie, the Bodega Cat: Epilogue #2

Hi there,

"Rosie" here again... it's been awhile since I last wrote to you... see my previous posts here to get my background.

This must be heaven — Cat Heaven, that is!

My new home is beautiful and comfortable beyond my wildest dreams. Yes, I often dreamed of going back to a beautiful apartment again, but this place is absolutely divine, or, as they say: it's the cat's meow! Unbelievable!

Now I have two beds. One is in the living room den area, and one in Gladys' bedroom. I have breathtaking views of the city from a very high, unobstructed viewpoint. I also have lots of toys, and a shiny new feeder and water bowl. There's lots of windows, and a balcony with a bird feeder. So I'm having fun watching the birds again, just like I did during my stay at the Hypurrcat treatment facility at at the Animal Endocrine Clinic to get my hyperthyroidism cured!

This is all very hard to believe —maybe I have died and gone to Cat Heaven! Pinch me, please! But I'm here, and I love it. And Gladys is very happy to have me here, and in her life.

Sometimes I miss my old life at the bodega, but that feeling doesn't last long! Why should it? I'm now "Rosie, the Celebrity Penthouse Queen Cat"!

That's a long title for a little 9-pound "Rosie," but it's true, and I love it! Gladys and I are going to be so happy together.  It's like a fairytale dream come true, and little "Rosie" is the main character in this dream life I'm leading now. I hope you enjoyed hearing about this new and exciting change for "Rosie" and Gladys!

That ends my "Rosie" story for now, because I'm going to be really happy and content in my new home for the rest of my life. Wouldn't you be?

Life is good... And I feel much better now that my hyperthyroidism has been cured!


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