Monday, November 7, 2011

Rosie, the Hyperthyroid Bodega Cat: an Epilogue

Hi Everyone,

This is "Rosie" again. You won't believe this next chapter in my life!

You remember that beautiful lady Gladys who I'm crazy about? Of course, you already know she's crazy about me, too. We've bonded — it's mutual love!

Well, after my delightful 5-day stay at Dr. Peterson's Hypurrcat facility at the Animal Endocrine Clinic where I was treated for my hyperthyroid condition, it was time to go home.

I had a ball at Dr. Peterson's, living a life of luxury. But now, instead of going back to the bodega, they decided it was best for me to go home with Gladys!

And the amazing thing is that Gladys lives in a beautiful penthouse apartment in a very posh section of NYC. I'm very very excited and happy about this turn of events, because after all the heartbreak of losing my first mistress, now I'm going home to a gorgeous penthouse apartment, living in total luxury.

Although this does seem a fitting domicile for a cat as charming as myself — I still can't believe how lucky I am! I'm going home to my new life tomorrow, and I can hardly wait!

I promise to keep you posted and fill you all in on how everything turns out.

PS: Oh, another thing. Dr. Peterson just called Gladys and told her that the radioiodine treatment worked. My hyperthyroid condition is completely cured!

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