Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why y/d? Reasons Not to Feed Your Hyperthyroid Cat the Hill's y/d Thyroid Diet

Comprehensive Section on the Pros and Cons of Feeding the Hill's y/d Feline Thyroid Health Diet Added to the Animal Endocrine Website

Dr. Peterson has updated the Animal Endocrine website to provide more in-depth analysis of Hill's new y/d diet being heavily marketed as a treatment for cats with hyperthyroidism. The updated page includes information about the causes of hyperthyroidism, the role of iodine deficiency in this process, and the possible effects of and fallout from feeding y/d diet to a hyperthyroid cat.

There's a difference between using a iodine-deficient diet to address a cat's thyroid hormone levels, and actually treating and abating the disease. Dr. Peterson also has concerns about the nutritional composition of the y/d diet, which, in his opinion, is severely lacking.

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